Welcome to the Republican Club of West Volusia.

Our goal is to increase the awareness of the core values of the Republican Party, to promote conservative principles, and to elect Constitutional patriots.

Tim Taylor

Meetings are held the third Tuesday of the month at noon
(lunch at 11:30) at:
F​an Central Station
614 South Alabama Avenue
DeLand, Florida 32724
Open to all registered Republicans

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Mission Statement

We are a grass roots organization with the objective of growing the Republican Party and disseminating its core conservative values to West Volusia County. Our mission is to attract members into and involve them in the Republican Party and subsequently provide them with a practical and rewarding means of Party participation, leadership training and political involvement at all levels of government. Our objective is to support the principles, objectives and platform of the Republican Party and to help secure the election of all duly nominated Republican candidates in the general election and registered Republicans in nonpartisan elections. We believe we can keep America strong with conservative Republican solutions to local and national problems. The Republican Club of West Volusia is open to all registered Republicans and offers the following classes of membership:

  • Active - Any registered Republican voter who resides within
    the boundaries of Volusia County
  • Associate - Any other registered Republican voter who does
    not qualify for Active status
  • Youth Associate - Any applicant 14 years and up must sign a
    letter of intent to register as a Republican when coming of age

President's Message

You Won. Repeat and Remember. You Won,

The House passed six Obamacare repeals when Barack Obama was president and there was no chance of them being signed into law. Back then, Republicans were vociferous, full of vim, vigor and vinegar. Now Donald Trump is president, the repeal has come to a screeching halt. His second 100 days begin with his major campaign promises frustrated by establishment GOP Congressmen, even as GOP voters continue to show faith in his leadership. These are the same Republicans who repeatedly said that if the voters could only give them the White House, Senate and House, they would abolish Obamacare once and for all. Now that they have all three, what’s their excuse?

President Trump took Washington with a shock and awe campaign that caught the entire establishment off guard – including the leadership Republicans who are supposed to help him with the heavy lifting. But, that is no excuse for Speaker Ryan’s sudden lack of organization on the issue that united Republicans for eight years. How could he not put forward a plan to repeal and replace Obamacare given he had eight years? Four months into President Trump’s administration and the Republicans remained in disarray and engaged in an internecine war over a bill that Ryan, et. al., claimed replaces Obamacare but is actually Obamacare-lite.  Repeal/replace was still on life support after legislation pushed by the White House was shelved for a second time in weeks. After this disgraceful show, a bill barely passed the House. The prospects for tax reforms are equally uncertain after some Republicans announced opposition to critical elements of Trump's blueprint. The same craven cadre of Republicans caved on a must-pass spending bill to fund the government.  Perpetually petrified of a government shutdown, they continue funding the leviathan pretty much as is for the remainder of the fiscal year ending September 30. The president was denied money for his main project, construction of a wall along the Southern border, yet Planned Parenthood was fully funded. The president’s budget plan was ignored.  And, once again, we the people were ignored and betrayed.

Yet, a mere 15 months ago, Congressional Republicans didn't have a problem with a total, permanent ban on Syrian and Iraqi refugees (unless the director of the FBI, the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security and the Director of National Intelligence personally certified that a refugee posed no danger to the U.S).  That bill passed the House with an overwhelming, veto-proof majority, including 47 Democrats, but, per usual, died in the Senate.

When President Trump imposed a comparatively mild three-month ban on immigrants from Syria, Iraq and five other terrorist nations, the same Republicans who had voted for a limitless ban on refugees called main stream reporters to denounce the President’s “extreme” Executive Order. 

These roadblocks have materialized because the entire Washington Establishment does not want President Trump to succeed.  So, Establishment Republicans in Congress now feel emboldened to bask in the press attention as they denounce the president on the Sunday shows. The GOP leadership know how to be winners.  Regrettably, they are more comfortable being in the minority with no accountability and have no desire nor will to bury the Democrats. It is about ego and personal power.  Whatever it is, these same Republicans need to be soundly reminded that the election that put President Trump in the White House and them in the Capitol was due to America’s forgotten men and women, the millions out of work, forced on food stamps, and unable to pay the rent or mortgage. the car note, or skyrocketing Obamacare insurance premiums. Delaying a new health care plan, tax cuts or building the wall means delaying the ability for tens of millions of Americans to fulfill the promise of the American dream.

It's time for those who voted for President Trump and his vision to put the Establishment GOP –  Gutless, Out of touch Politicians - on notice and tell them there is no excuse for not having a Trump budget on October 1.  There is no excuse not repealing and replacing ObamaCare. There's no excuse for not having a tax cut plan. There is no excuse for not funding the wall. There's no excuse for not having a plan to reduce the size and meddling of government.  No more excuses, no more explanations. Stop being self-serving. Stop being condescending.  Stop taking long recesses. Stop wasting our time (and money) and the President’s time.  Roll up your sleeves, get to work and do the job you were elected to do.  Or you may not have one in 2018

Tim Taylor, President

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